Delivery Policy

Driving License and Age
The customer must have a local or valid international driving license for A, A1, A2 and B group vehicles at the time of the lease and must be over the age of 18.
Rental Period
It is at least 1 day (24 hours). Special prices are applied for weekly, monthly or annual rentals.
The fuel expenses of the vehicle belong to the customer. Driving guide and interpreter guide are available on request.
Payment and Deposit
At the delivery of the vehicle, the total rental fee and the provision in accordance with the rented classes are collected by credit card.
Traffic Fines
All OGS-KGS-HGS passes and traffic fines belong to the customer. Even if these fines are notified to the company later, the customer is personally responsible for OGS-KGS-HGS toll booths and all traffic fines during the rental period.
Accident and Damage Status
In the event of an accident and damage to the vehicle, all expenses belong to the tenant. In addition, in case of a tire blowout, the responsibility belongs to the customer. Repair of all mechanical problems of the vehicle is under the responsibility of our company.